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Priyaanka gift to the new prince

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has taken place with her Hollywood acting. And so, British King Megan Merkel is his best friend. Because megna is a model from the profession. He recently gave birth to a son. And the new member of the British Royal Family was named after Archie.
Priyanka went to see Archie for a week with her husband, Hollywood singer and actor Nick Jonas. During this time, he gave many gifts to Piggy Chops. Tiffany brands also had jewelery

Earlier this month, Priyanka post photos in Instagram after birth of Archi. In it, with a screenshot of Duke and Duchess announcements, he wrote, Congratulations to Megan and Harry.

Prior to this, Priyanka enjoyed the marriage of Hollywood actress Megan and Harry. But Megan can take part in her wedding. In December last year, Priyanka married Nic Jonas in a Junk Event.

Like every time this small screen will be a big attraction. Because the magazine program has now become the tradition of Eid. Like every year, it is a matter of great pleasure for the audience with the Haneef signs etc. Eid happily.
TV viewers eagerly look forward to seeing their favorite shows etc. Not for a certain age or group – for all age groups, people of all classes, etc. So it is called a public rally. Over the past 30 years, the crowd of thousands of such channels is still at the top of the surveyor’s perspective, making a new chapter in the field of diversity, retention, human report, education-information-entertainment. There is no pair of Eid etc.

Eid etc. is not possible in this year’s rainy season. Mirpur Shaheed Suhrawardy Indoor Stadium. A set of beauty sets were made at about one-third of the locations. In this colorful program, a festival festival was created throughout the program.

Like every time, it has been started – ‘O mind, at the end of Ramadan, Ram, Al Khashir Id’ is the song. Once, the song was somewhat neglected in the Eid program. For the last three decades, thousands of people have been presenting this song in different parts of Dhaka and different parts of the country. This is why this song is given special importance on all channels during Eid. In the continuation of the participation of different class-people, this dance will be performed in the dance choral song, famous dance couple Shibli Mohammed and Shamim Ara Nipa. With them, there are hundreds of dance artists from the dance community.

Hanif hints
Hanif hints

This year’s Eid, a patriotic song sung by famous artists Andrew Kishore, Kumar Biswajit and Shafi Mondal. This song was written by famous songwriter Mohammad Rafiquzzaman and music was given by Suman Kalyan. Hundreds of students from Nirjhar Cantonment Public School and College participated in the filming of the song with the cast. There is also an extraordinary chat in rhythm and rhythm. No exceptions can be seen on such occasions. This time, the audience will have to face the time in front of the stars and face of the face and face the struggle. Popular actors Shahiduzzaman Selim, Chanchal Chaudhary, Mom and Ishita participated in this extraordinary chat. Naveed Parvez has sung this song.

One of the many surprises in Eid, is that there is a theme based song and dance about the 4 favorite stars of the audience. And in dance, this episode is animated – popular painters Ferdas, Purnima and this generation’s fasting and worship. In the song Mehdi directed the song. Mamun directed the dance.

Various types of innovations for the musical drama Eid were created with the participation of star casters for more than a decade in this musical drama Eid etc. And every Idi is added to this episode, at all times and again. To see the contents of this musical drama, Eid etc will have to wait. And it played the country’s popular star – Emon, Silent, Said Babu, Nipuna, Sarika and Kona – as the popular singer of this generation. Music by Fareed Ahmed and Naveed Parvez

Mir Sabbir, Anisur Rahman Milan and Nadia
Mir Sabbir, Anisur Rahman Milan and Nadia

This year’s party music has given an extraordinary performance as novels novel. In this episode, the popular star Mir Sabbir, Anisur Rahman Milan and Nadia attended. Regular dancers participated with them, etc. Mehdi made music not only in remote areas, but in the situation of nearly two decades, foreign folk culture is also being exposed in our public culture, various rural sports, history and heritage. As a result, our culture is spreading through foreign countries worldwide. Nearly half a dozen foreign nationals from different countries of the world have participated in this year’s foreign festival. What is the subject of play this year’s drama and drama rich in rural life? During the campaign on the day after Eid, we will know.

Each time different process types of visitors are selected. This time it was no exception. Each viewer is surrounded by time with an extraordinary device, and from there it has been selected from 4 visitors to the audience. For the sake of the ceremony, these materials have been made for only 15 seconds with the cost of millions. And in this episode, participants were seen with the popular star Apoorva and Mithila, without the actor-actress, the selected audience immediately acted with Apoorva and Mithila.

Mummy has forgotten her nephew, but how? And Nani is very excited about Nani but for what? All this can be known, etc. Apart from this, there are dozens of satirical compositions around Id. Live life There are some more nudges on different topics including trendy funnels, digital beggars, hiking files, app conversations, art of T-shirts, visual reactions to disappear.

Four stars in exceptional tweets
Four stars in exceptional tweets

Notable artists of Eid are: SM Mohsin, Ataur Rahman, Dilara Zamana, Soliman Khoka, Masood Ali Khan, Tabbib Islam Babu, Jeetat Shanu Swagata, Abdul Kader, Afzal Sharif, Shabnam Parvin, Amin Azad, Kazi Asad, Zilur Rahman, Kamal Beze , Billu Barua, Ratan Khan, Binay Bhadra, Anwar Shahi, J.

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