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This is a natural fairy tale lake!

I read with the intention of Kerala. Like Periyar Forest in Kerala, I have heard many things in the past. Now it is the desire to see a glimpse. Kochi and Arnakulam are two twin cities on the banks of the Lake Vembanad. There are also train lines from Kolkata to Ernakulam. But express train takes three days, so take flight.
Cutting the night at Kumeli’s hotel, our destination Peraira Lake, I was thinking of lying down in the night and was waiting for just a few hours, I could get the color of my imagination with Periyar in the morning. The car should go through hills and jungle. Thekadi comes within the Idukki district of the Indian state of Kerala, a reserved forest, named Periyar National Park. Due to the dam dam in the Periyar river, the pond is built in vast areas, its entirety is in protected forest. Here is a great way to make a cake in the Lake Penir. Since there is a thick forest around, so if the fate is good, then the wild elephant sitting in the harbor can go with the herd.

From where we left the bus, it was in front of our hotel and reached the destination. The main entrance to Periyar is 4 km away from Thekkady Comilla. From the bus I reached the edge of the lake. This huge lake was built with the dam of the Periyar River. The lake is surrounded by a huge forest. Of which 305 square kilometers of jungle was brought in 1982 under the Periyar Tiger Reserve.

We boarded our scheduled boat. There were many monkeys in it, and I deferred this. To look around, our position was better in half way. At the beginning of the many vultures in water, dry branches of a dead tree gave their existence. The vessel is moving at its own pace, sometimes in search of greedy neighbor forests, those who have come to visit, sometimes with eyes. But he did not show anything other than 4 elephants on the top of the mountain, just hoping for water. But Periyar Forest has 47 tigers Even a tiger was not found. So I was returning back to the port with a little disappointment. Immediately after the passengers sat on my side, I saw a wave of bamboo. Two deer were seen to look good. Perhaps they were a little scared of Brent’s voice and went deep into the woods. In the steady eyes, I saw them falling in green greens. But there is no obstacle in saying that this one and a half hour journey was very pleasant.

Every day many tourists used to visit this place
Every day many tourists used to visit this place

People from different parts of India, in Bourst, are some foreign and foreign people. At a very slow pace, the port started moving on clear water. Droughts of many trees stand high in water. The water of the tropical sunny waterway Ubutan is also called the same. Bacon and Dhaneshwakis are considering water. He has made the house the head of the dead tree. Pigeon birds have huge thick and long lips and colorful feathers. The camera flies away while flying, without moving it. So I did not get any good picture from the launch. Still I am happy. It’s a great place to see fate!

After the tour, I returned to the hotel. After a little rest and after the meal we went to the spices for the garden. I saw a lot of spices and various types of medicinal plants in the Eden Spice Garden of Comilla. I saw different essential oils But I do not buy them because I think they deserve my reach. From there I came to our hotel near Safi Garden for the elephant safari.

The life of the elephant behind the state of death! The eight-year-old boy standing beside me smiled too. However, the exercise of one-width waist was removed behind the elephant and directly into the hotel. Going there, I saw another trunk! Many monkeys sit in the swing in front of our room, swing them comfortably, and sit in the railings and sit in front of our clothes, think about them. After placing a hand on the head, the hotelers shook the cocktail. It seems that they will leave us behind

Status of Altoila cave in Khagarachhar district of Chittagong Hill Tracts It is also known as ‘Matai Haq’ or ‘Deity Guha’. The cave length is 350 feet. Inside is always dark, so the torch is needed to enter the cave. There is also a rain shower near the Altoila Cave. It is not advisable to visit the nearby shuttle to Alitalia!
The main attraction of the mysterious tunnel is the main attraction. The position of this mysterious tunnel is made on the pavement of 266 stairs on the top of the hill, which is located on the feet of rocky cliff and rocky soil in the foothills of Alutila hill. The diameter of the cave is approximately 18 feet. If you go to the cave, then you have to dedicate tickets to the original gate first. Then buy the torch. After entering through the main entrance, there will be a great way to cater to the cave. Slippery sandals or shoes can not be worn due to slippery slopes of the cave. With the added protection, you can take the light of a mobile flashlight or torch. Those who want to see the altolet light rays, they should go before 9 a.m.

Travel the torch inside the cave!
Travel the torch inside the cave!


For a few cars from Khagranchi city, CNG, motorbike or local bus to Alutilia. The cave has a Buddhist temple and Rizong fountains. So the best you can get out of all the places simultaneously. It will take 4-5 hours for these three tourist centers to go. Usually, a few car (for 10-13 people) between 2000-3000 rak

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