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The shiney hair and bright skin of the eid

Eid came soon. But in these two days your skin is ready, but take care of skin and hair. Sweat in the skin in the summer – increased emissions of oil Dirt and dirt on them, dirty skin becomes dull and dull. To keep skin well during this time, follow these three basic skin care routines: cleaning, toning, moisturizing.
Wake up in the morning and wash face thoroughly with face wash. Toner is very important to stay fresh. Rose made from flower extracts such as lavender, this toner is ideal for warming, and also good for dry skin. After cleansing the skin, apply cotton toner or rose color well on the face and neck. If you want you can also keep Amla. Then

If your skin is oily, then use aspirin lotion. Acetaminagant lotion helps in maintaining excess oil in the skin. Massage the face with moisturizing cream by cleansing the face at night. While doing massage, you can add some water to the cream. Remove excess cream with wet cotton before sleeping.

Cucumber, papaya and melon help keep the skin cool. When you eat fruit, rub a piece of the face. Feel free to see And the smell of the skin will return. To keep the skin cool, mix 2 tablespoons milk powder, white egg white, a small rose, and mix it with your neck and face. Wash after drying.

Everyone has a shining hairstyle and everyone wants to keep the hair fair. In the regular ministry, it became bright Sunburn problems arise due to prolonged sunlight. Apart from this, hair is easily dull and delicate due to various reasons like sunlight, dust and excessive sweating. Even hygienic hair becomes dull.

As a result of excessive sweating, hair starts greasing. Many of them sweat in the beginning of hair. Due to sweating easily gets accumulated in the hair. As a result hair becomes sticky. Sometimes there is a problem of scalp infection or rash. Hair begins to fall. Do some things like Olive Oil Massage, Shampoo, Conditioner, and use Hair Masks one day a week. It is very important to clean hair and scalp. Shampoo in the week for at least three days. However, those who go out everyday, they can shampoo everyday.

When shampooing, first tie the hair thoroughly. Then massage the shampoo’s scalp by finger tip. But do not rub very loudly. Wash hair with more water while shampooing. Keep in mind, do not let shampoo hair fall on. Always wash hair with cold water, not with hot water. In addition, you can try a domestic hair pack.

Hair pack helps keep your nails strong by strengthening your hair. Two pieces of ripe banana make it well. Mix olive oil, honey, sour cream with it. Place this pack well in the hair If you are half-dry then wash with water and shampoo. Hair texture will be much better than before. Mix two to three large spoons of milk and honey with honey, mix it well. Light massage for a few minutes. Take the shower cap later. Wash the water with water when the pack is dry half. Regular use of this hair pack will make the hair soft, brightness will increase.

People who sweat more than the hair, they dry the house well and dry the hair at the end of the day. Then tighten the hair properly with a large tooth comb. The combination of wood is the best. To get rid of hair in summer, to get rid of burning sensation in the sun, trim the hair at the beginning of the summer. Those who want to style a new hair on the occasion of Eid, they should cut hair at least two weeks earlier. It takes time to set up. Never rub the color before Eid.

It is important to keep in mind that the issues arising on the day of Eid are:

Everybody thinks of the day of Eid, many speculations are imagined. How to dress or wear dress etc. New clothes, shoes, new things in the house, brightly lit on Eid. So you have to organize themselves all day long if there is not too heavy makeup, even then everyone has brightness on Eid. It is necessary to do some work before making Eid day beautiful and attractive. New hair cut of face, menicure, pedicure, eyebrow plaque, hair treatment etc. It looks beautiful and beautifully. There is no reason to think that smooth skin care is not needed. If they do not take care of beauty then they will be out of it. Eat busy time in Eid, keep yourself in it.

If your skin is oily, then use water powder based makeup. Dry skin cream based make-up is better. You can use a light foundation to stay bright during the day, but if you are willing to go home, it is best to avoid this foundation. You can use black or brown pencil to pull brushes. Pay attention to the eyes. Shade Day First Light Color, highlight the light with silver-sandy-bronze shadow in its corner, not very bright, very shiny A shirt can be according to clothing or it may contain smoke or two or three sheds. But the petals will be the deepest shade and gradually it will be lit from the upper side. The colors are mixed with each other as if it is not the same color as a shade. Then use mascara to make eye makeup perfect. After finishing it with a pencil, add it to the finger. Eyes

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