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Rikardo accepted Islam!

Former Brazilian footballer Sergio Ricardo had accepted Islam a few days ago through video message he announced after adopting Islam. This star has performed Omar in holy Mecca Sharif on the occasion of the month of Ramadan.
In a tweet tweet after the Umar celebration of his twitter account, Ricardo, he wrote, “Alhamdullahah! Now I am a Muslim. ‘

After receiving Umraah, he expressed his feelings in a video in front of the holy Kaba. Explaining how he felt after being a Muslim, he started working at home before Allah.

The Brazilian star had retired from football in 2010. While playing some clubs in the Middle East, they learned about Islam. Islam fascinated religion and later decided to adopt Islam.

Japanese are scared of what others are afraid of. They also have an ‘amazing’ experience towards food. They are accustomed to eating raw or live insects and sparrows. Because their list of everyday foods is an exception.
Recently, a video of Japanese youth on the Internet became viral. In the video, the girl is eating octopus with great satisfaction in the joy of her mind. A number of two, not thousands, spreads. That’s amazing!

Hazrat Hasan Basri (R) said, “They are imposing falsehood on Allah and His Messenger, who say that we can do such a thing or we can not do that.” This will not punish us.
The Great Allaah said to the Holy Quran,

‘Those who invent lies against Allah, on the day of judgment you will see their face black. What is the residence of arrogant in hell? (Surah Zumar – 60)

Allama Javzi said in his narration, “The opinion of a group of scholars is that when people make false accusations of Allah and the Messenger of Allah, they become completely unbelieving and are rejected from Islam. It is illegal to make illegal for unlawful disbelief, which is forbidden to Allah and is lawful.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, ‘A person who makes a lie against me voluntarily, a house has been made in hell.’ (Bukhari and Muslim)

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, ‘The person who describes me as a false hadith, while he knows that the hadith is false, he is a liar. He is a liar. (Muslim)

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, ‘It is not like lying to me, it is not a lie to others. The person who lies against me should fix his position in the fire. “(Muslim)

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Whoever teaches anything by saying my words, although it is not mine, he should make his place in hell.”

The Prophet (peace be upon him) also said, ‘There can be no embezzlement in the character of the believer, it can not be from the embezzlement of lies, deposits and other properties.

A 22-year-old Indian student from Hyderabad, India, who was expecting escort service, wrote a name on a dating site. And that dating site has become a tiring round in his life.
A lot of money was saved in the hope of day after day, the student was killed in last one and 14 lakhs rupees.

A month ago, when looking at the advertisement of a dating site in the newspaper, the student was interested in writing the name.

Today not tomorrow, escort will come tomorrow! 14 lakhs of money was withdrawn. And it was in great danger. Finally he realized that this site is fake. The student then filed a complaint in the police.

Police said that they will be taken immediately and in the future such fake sites can not be cheated further.

Snakes are among the most dangerous creatures. He also died in cutting. But snakes are cultivated nowadays. Just for the poison of snake. This terrible thing is done in Bangladesh.
Know what is, because of high prices, the poison of serpents is called liquid diamond. Since the current market price of one gram of gold is four-four thousand tonnes, therefore, in the international market, there is one hundred and two hundred tanks for the poison of a village Vip Russell, processed by our domestic snake. Apart from this, Kalacha or Kalacharya snake poisoned three to four lakhs, Khata Gokhar’s 50 thousand rupees, and the price of various sea serpents is about four to four lakhs. There are more than 16 species of poisonous snakes in Bangladesh, whose poison is very valuable. Information is available in relevant sources. The main causes of snake venom are so important-

1. Snake venom is used to make life-saving drugs.

2. For acupuncture patients, such as antivindom is generated from snake venom, many expensive medicines are made using many venomous diseases, including cancer, heart disease, using venom poison.

Today, 26 is Ramadan. Naturally, the fastest night was completed mostly in the mosques. If Tarabi is complete, then we will wear tarabi till the last fast.
If desired, then the star can be worn for the rest of the day. Otherwise, you must read Sura Tarabi.

Many people can see Tarabi taking Tarabi very seriously. When finishing ends, it can not be done to reduce the importance. As soon as the mosque went to the mosque, Tariq will celebrate with the tribe

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The special features of the holy month of Ramadan include scouring prayers. Tarabai prayers have been provided to Muslims throughout the year in the form of Sunnah provision for the month of Ramadan.

Since there is no opportunity to pray Tarabi in other times of the year in Ramadan, therefore its significance is more than other Sunnah prayers in the form of annual worship. It is not good to ignore Ramzan. But with all the importance, Tarabi does all the good deeds.

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A famous Arab scholar, Shayk Uthaymin (ra) said, ‘Sunnah imam has to follow; If Muktadi leaves before completing Imam Tarabi, then Muktadi will have to wake up or not wake up from the night. ‘(Majmul Fatwa: 14/200 -01)

The fastest Ramzan, the fasting of Tarabis, is performed in Sunnat Mukaddade Kesna, as described by Abu Huraira, that the Messenger of Allah said, ‘The person who earns the full faith and Ramadan reward on the night of Ramadan, that is, Night prayers will be paid, before all sins will be forgiven. ‘ (Bukhari Muslim: 759)

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In another Hadith, the Prophet said that Allah Allaah has fasted Ramzan on your behalf and has issued the rule in the form of Ramayana Qiyam, ie the Tarawih Sunnah.

Therefore, the person who fasts Ramzan to ride with full faith and pray to Tarabi in the night, will be purified like a newborn from all sins. “(Nasai: 1/339; Ibn Majah: 94)

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