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14 lakhs of money to go to dating!

A 22-year-old Indian student from Hyderabad, India, hoped to get escort service, wrote a name on a dating site. And that dating site has become a tired period in his life.
Day after day escorted a lot of money in hopes of The student was killed in the last one and 14 lakh rupees.

A month ago, when looking at the advertisement of a dating site in the newspaper, the student was interested in writing the name.

Today is not tomorrow tomorrow, Escort will come! That money poured out 14 lakh taka. And it fell into great danger. Finally he realized that this site is fake. The student then filed a complaint with the police.

Police said that they will be taken promptly and that any such fake sites may not be cheated further in future.

Eid clothes of this year have innovated to flush the life, but the price is cheap. Apart from polo, there will be printed smart casual shirts, long tops, round neck t-shirts, chino pants.

The use of color softens; Then, in the opposite form of night, in the formal style. Eid is changed for Punjabi top and young girls.

Cats I’s director and designer Sadiq Koodas said, “This is not only new designs and clothes, but it also provides the opportunity to increase the interest of Eid kites, travel abroad, travel freely.” Ten buyers for buying Eid from Cats Eye Store To get a three-day tour in Malaysia, the 10 winners who won through the lottery will get this facility. ”

Details about new Eid clothes, new product videos, photoshoots and affordable offers can be found on Cat I’s Facebook fan page. Some bank cards and apps will have cash bank facility. You can also go to the online store at at the 10% discount on the online store.

Regular gifts

During the summer, new festivals occur in monsoon and winter and the new design comes with a regular gift in the T-shirt festival. This year, the festival of Eid festival has been preserved prominently in the preservation of ‘Gift Gift’.
Eid arrangements for regular gifts will be available in a total of 25 designs, including small and big T-shirts.

The new two-seater artist Qayum Chowdhury, ‘New Leaf Door’ and ‘Swapan Mecca’ are available in 8 and 10 different colors of Tangle. The price is 1 thousand 7 hundred rupees

T-shirt costs Rs 310 and children’s Rs 200.

Aziz is available on the third floor of the super market in the capital. Mohammedpur’s Taj Mahal Road also has its own sales center.

Malaysia’s Defense Minister Mohammad Sabu said that non-traditional disputes like Rohingya crisis, conflict with South China Sea and maritime security and cyber security have become the biggest challenge for this region.
He said that this area will be built on the basis of cooperative defense diplomacy to face these challenges.

The Minister of Malaysia said this in a full session on Saturday, the Evolving Security Order and Its Challenges in Asia.

Mohammed Sabu said, in recent years, there has been a lot of change in the geopolitical situation with imperial power and economic potential of the country. At the same time, Asia is also growing. This means that this area is one of the fastest growing areas in the world and its military expenditure is growing very fast.

Referring to the stability of the Malka system, he said that more than 10,000 ships carry more than 10,000 ships through this waterway, South China Sea is also important.

Referring to the universally accepted set of marine naval expeditions, he said, there is no war between the countries, it is a very good thing. However, he urged the United Nations Convention on the United Nations Conference on 1982 (United Nations).

‘If anything happens in Hormuz mode then the earth will be damaged. Like the South China Sea, the world will also be harmed. That’s why we must increase our defense diplomacy. ‘

China, South China Sea claimed the sovereignty of the sea. But there are disputes with ASEAN countries – Filipino, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan.

The Defense Minister stressed the need for stability, saying, “We love America, but we also love China, rather than struggle and struggle, there should be peace, friendship and business relations in this area.”

He also highlighted the huge movement of Rohingya refugees as another regional challenge.

He said, the situation of Rohingya is increasing like snowfall. But the situation of Myanmar’s domestic violence is no longer there. Malaysian intervention will continue to subscribe to the ASEAN policy.

The minister also said that thousands of Rohingya have fled from Myanmar in recent days, many of whom are living in temporary camps in Bangladesh. They are awaiting future decisions and are awaiting return to Myanmar. However, some Rohingya chose to travel to Malaysia and neighboring countries like Thailand.

Meanwhile, Rohiniya’s association with terrorism has become alarming.

Last month, the detainees arrested four people for planning a plan to attack temples and churches in exchange for avenge the Malay-Muslim fireman’s death in Malaysia. They thought that the government did not properly mention the cause of his death. Two of the four arrested were Rohingya.

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