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‘Being Awful’ in ICU Superbag

Within two days of receiving the order, Director General of Drug Administration has been asked to issue circular to the Civil Surgeon and Deputy Commissioner of each district.

A bench of Justice Sheikh Hassan Arif and Justice Rajkal El Jalil ordered the primary hearing of a writ petition filed in public interest on Thursday.

The rule was asked why, without proper supervision and doctor prescription, antibiotics will not be sold?

Health Secretary, Health Directorate and Drug Administration Director General, Public Administration Secretary and all Deputy Commissioners and Civil Surgeons of the country have been asked to answer the rule.

A writ petition was filed in the High Court on Wednesday by publishing a report published in the Daily Telegraph newspapers, including British daily Syed Saidul Haq Suman; Prosecutor of International Criminal Tribunal

After receiving the order, petitioner lawyer Suman told reporters, “After today’s order, antibiotics can not be sold without prescription in Bangladesh.”

The lawyer said, “Poultry is being provided antibiotics for antibiotics that people who eat, due to them, indirectly creates antibiotic resistance in the human body. I think the state of emergency in relation to food declared Should be done

“Last year BSMU had 900 ICU admissions. In this, 400 people died due to antibiotics. What else? Now, if civil surgeon and DC personnel take effective measures, then the next generation can be saved. ”

On April 22, The Telegraph issued a report titled ‘Superbagus related to two of the 10 deaths in Bangladesh’, which means ‘Superbag responsible for 8 deaths in 10 deaths in Bangladesh.’

According to the report, 80% of the country’s largest intensive care center (ICU) are responsible for antibiotic-resistant superbag.

According to the report, this situation is more visible in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Because the advice of antibiotics in these countries is not followed properly. Instead of taking antibiotics of the doctor’s advice and buying antibiotics from the shop illegally, the patient uses it. Then, human therapy is also used to increase the weight of animals for high profit.

The report said that the doctor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMU) Saidur Rahman said, “In case of antibiotic drugs, the country needs more harsh conditions.

“There should not be an opportunity to buy antibiotic stores. These medicines are delivered only from the hospital, which is
Make arrangements like this

In front of the National Press Club in front of Dhaka on Friday morning a 17-point recommendation was presented to protect the river from a citizen rally of the Bangladesh River Bachao Andolan.

Former professor of geography department of Dhaka University, Hafiza Akhter and General Secretary of Bangladesh River Bachaoo Movement. Anwar Hossain spoke on the program.

They said, threats to the country’s rivers due to various factors including occupation, pollution, filling and erosion. Without political commitment the rivers can not be saved.

Anwar Hossain said that they have sent their 17-point proposal to protect the river-donkey and sent all the political parties to the Secretary-General.

 To maintain the most polluted rivers, the government has set up 24-hour ETP in the industrial sector, setting up of permanent surveys committee to protect the boundary of the river, giving adequate power to the National River Protection Commission like the Anti-Corruption Commission for the protection of the river and to change the land class of land during the purchase of land. In the bout.
Various events on the occasion of World River Day

Various organizations involved in the river and environmental protection movement have taken initiatives to implement various programs in Bangladesh to ‘stop the extraction of sand balancing’ on the occasion of World River Day.

In front of Sunday, more than 70 organizations organized a ‘march for the river’ program from 11 pm on Saturday at Bahadur Shah Park to Sadarghat.

Besides, the three-day river related book fair has started in Shaban Prakashani, Riverine People and Booknews in Shahbagh reader rally from Friday morning.

Riverview People organized a discussion at Mirpur Zoo at 3pm on Friday, in which ‘River Biological Evolution’ was there.

This year, on the last Sunday of September every year, the World Rivers Day will be celebrated on September 23.

A high level of nicotine has been found in the body of 95 percent of school children in Dhaka due to indirect smoking. According to a study, anti-tobacco organizations have knowledge (pragati) for progress.

The BBC has described this development as ‘miraculous’.

In 1991, during the accident, Munira Abdullah was 32 years old. He was hit by a bus from the school while the boy was hit by a bus.

At that time, four-year-old Omar Webair was in the back seat with his mother. At the moment of the accident, the mother was unable to hold her in the arm.

Munira’s car was driving the car. The woman, who suffered severe head injuries, got her consciousness back to a German hospital last year.

Now thirty-three young Omar told about the accident and the mother’s progress in an interview given to the United Arab Emirates newspaper The National.

Omar told the newspaper on Monday, “I never left her. Because I always thought that he would wake up once.

“I expressed her the reason that I want to tell people – do not lose hope with loved ones. Joys in such situations do not think they have died. ”

Recalling that incident, she said, “My mother was sitting in the back seat with me. When he saw the accident, he dragged me into the chest to protect me. ”

There was nothing in the accident, Omar, a little scratched on his head. On the other hand, his mother had been injured in the head for several hours.

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